Master Mun





June 4-8

Camp Concentration: fearlessness & confidence

Campers will get to learn about some of the deadliest warriors to ever have existed including
Ninjas, Samurais, Vikings, Gladiators, Spartans, Apache, and Shaolin Monks. They will get an
opportunity to train like these warriors and also battle like these warriors. Students can expect
to navigate the ultimate ninja course as part of the training as well.


June 11-15

Camp Concentration: taking responsibility

Get ready to explore the various battle styles and fighting techniques used within this action
packed movie and get a chance to try out the moves yourself! We will also explore the various
weapons used and give you a chance to do some drills mimicking scenes from the movie.

WEEK 3: Jedi VS Sith

June 18-22

Camp Concentration: intuition

Campers get to tap into a very familiar world of names and places that have been only experienced when watching the Star Wars films. Students will learn strategies that are used in the Star Wars films to challenge both their physical and mental capacity. Everyone will have an
opportunity to explore both sides of “The Force” and weapons and hierarchy that exist within both the Jedi and Sith. The rivalry between the Empire and the rebels seen in Star Wars are a perfect theme for action packed week.


June 25-29

Camp Concentration: assertiveness

Similar to ancient dynasties and empires we hear about in martial arts history and Asian culture, the rivalry between the Empire and the rebels seen in Star Wars are a perfect theme for an action packed week. Add in the fact that ladies played a predominantly supportive role in
conflicts, what was it like to break the mold and be a female warrior? Students will have the chance to represent both sides of “the force” in fun and challenging games that will test their mental and physical capabilities.


July 16-20

Camp Concentration: speed & agility

Campers will test their accuracy, patience, focus, strategy and overall skill set utilizing a variety of Nerf products. Whether it is shooting a moving target using a Nerf bow or taking part in an
ole fashion duel using Nerf guns, they are bound to find a challenge that tests their limits. Campers can expect to face challenges one on one, pairs, teams, blindfolded, timed, and more.
Students can also expect to push the ultimate boundaries.


July 23-27

Camp Concentration: goal setting & advancement

This camp is designed for Master Mun students that want to move up in rank in just one week!
Camp will include conditioning, forms, sparring, board breaks and more. Taught by our US team member Ms Desirae Roloff, the students will get an entire testing cycle under their belt in a very short time. Join during the Summer and take advantage of this opportunity.


Our camp features child approved themes, martial arts, child safety, arts & crafts, games, and reading time to offer kids days filled with fun and excitement.
What makes our camps unique is the specialized instruction in self-defense and life skills offered. We utilize our tenets of Taekwondo such as courtesy, integrity, self-control, perseverance, indomitable spirit, and victory to teach basic life skills that can follow them the
rest of their lives.

Our extraordinary compliment of staff, parents, counselors, and martial arts instructors love working with boys and girls alike.

Best of all, no martial arts experience is required but your child will learn basics while at each camp.


9a Drop off
9a-9:30a Ice breakers
9:30a-1130a Activities based on day including martial arts
1130a-1230p Lunch
1230p-1p (this time slot will vary) T-shirt creation, movies, etc.


Mad Skills Monday

Camp opens up
with introducing
the trait he camp
will focus on for
the week then do
ice breakers
revolving around
that trait.

Trivia Tuesday

Campers will
get a chance to get into teams
and do rounds of trivia revolving
around the camp theme.

Worn-out Wednesday

Students will need to
bring a towel. They will
participate in conditioning using beginning and advanced
taekwondo and
Saingjhondo self-
defense techniques.

Theatre Thursday

Campers will
get a chance to
relax to a movie related to the camp theme while
enjoying popcorn and a beverage. All
material will be
age appropriate.

Freeze out Friday

To celebrate the end of the camp, students will get
to make ice cream
Sunday! Although various toppings will be provided,
students are encouraged to
bring in any wild topping they wish.

Limit 10 Campers in 2018
Drop off 9am
Late pickup 1:30 pm
No refunds once camp starts
Themed Thursdays will include movies and content specific to that theme. Please review movie ratings for any questions you may have. Although all the camps are unique, they do have similarities in the routine from day to day.
Breakfast will be up to parents prior to drop off
Please have students pack 1 snack per day
Please pack a sack lunch for each child

Free Uniform and 1 month free classes to new students that enroll!
$190 per camp (1-3)
$170 per camp (1-6)
$220 per camp if paying day of
Tuition per day $60
Ages 5-11

All campers will need the following for camp:


  • Good attitude (See registration form)
  • Uniform (Gi) 
    • For students that join Master Mun’s these will be free.
    • Other participants can get uniforms through Master Mun staff (add $60 to camp fees for Gi and Belt)
  • Appropriate apparel: No dresses unless shorts underneath.
  • Students may purchase theme related apparel at party stores if they wish.
  • Long Hair must be secured back for safety
  • Campers will NOT be allowed to use mobile devices without staff approval
  • All campers will sign in and out each day
  • Please bring completed registration form to Master Mun’s the first day of camp.


400 N Central Expressway Suite 108
McKinney, TX 75070
214-556- 1664

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