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For our little Tigers

Rarely is it too early to get your child into martial arts. Individually, Taekwondo can help children with developmental, behavioral, or hand eye coordination trouble. As a class of peers, it can help with socialization and following direction. This class is geared toward children ages 3-6 with a slightly altered curriculum for this age group.


TKD for the young athletes

Our Junior's programs will teach children to defend themselves so that parents and family can have piece of mind. In addition, they will learn to deal with bullies, confrontations and how to avoid trouble. Each student learns teamwork, leadership skills and gain a strong fusion of body and mind with better academics and an increase in confidence and athletic ability beyond their peers. Ages 6-12




Taekwondo & Fitness: Eye catching physique, look as good as you feel.

Most adults and parents are looking for something else than what they get their children in martials arts for. Sometimes it is for basic fitness, sometimes it is for self-defense. In either case, Taekwondo is one of the most popular and versatile martial arts in the world. With its devastating kicks, Taekwondo makes for an excellent self-defense system. Our adult classes will be structured to work around the busy executive short on time. Go beyond the gym and jogging.


Sword training – traditional

Derived from Kendo from Japan in 1896 but has roots as far back as 1711-1715. Master Mun has learned from traditional masters in Korea and is passing this knowledge down to students here in the United States. As with Martial Arts practices around the World, Korean Gumdo is imbued with cultural and philosophical thought of both current society and the historic past. Not just for zombies! (ages 8 and up)



Intense Physical Training – Self defense for the modern warrior

Saing Jhon Do, which literally means the way of survival, has a philosophy emphasizing aggression, neutralization, and simultaneous defensive and offensive maneuvers. It will be combining the ancient art of Sibpalki Kung fu and Krav Maga. The combination of these two arts will be a deadly deterrent to attack. Ages 13 and up

Kung Fu

Sibpalk Kung Fu

Sibpalki is a Korean martial art that teaches close combat skills that were utilized in the late 1700s. Sibpalki students practice empty hand techniques and train with martial arts weapons. For all age groups.


Why enroll your child in an after school program that just keeps them "busy?" Why enroll them when they will not really gain anything useful?

Our after school program includes transportation from the school, a place to work for homework, and most importantly a free Taekwondo class included each day. These students will gain potentially critical self-defense techniques while being cared for by professional martial arts instructors.